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Saturday, June 1st, 2013

February 2013

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Me at the J. Lindeberg SS 2013 Launch Party (Photo by Doug Neil)

Time is money.  Time is sacred.  In the last few days I’ve been thinking about what I value, what I’ve valued, and what I want to value.  I remembered valued this site much more back in 2009 before blogging was a tittle anyone could hold.  As you probably know, I now run Opus Label, Opus Music Publishing and soon to be clothing line Icon Tee.  I also try to have a balanced life outside of work and spend with friends so time for me is of the essence.  I’m coming back though and this time it’s for good.  I want to build upon something that really inspired me to be where I am today.  So this blog will come back to life.  Just for you.  Thanks for listening.

Me with Geordon Nicol and Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes at the RVCA SS 2013 Swimwear Launch Party

I hung out with The Misshapes who recently signed to Opus Label at the RVCA SS 2013 launch party at The Standard in Hollywood a few weeks ago.

Here’s a little tune I’ve been playing over and over:


Sunday, January 2nd, 2011



The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart caught my ear the first time I heard them.  For some, that wouldn’t mean anything /// I’m not claiming to have the most impeccable music taste–but I have gone through enough bands in my young years to the point where I believe I can give a solid opinion.  Shortly after, Pains was on replay.  Even though it’s been a while since Heart in Your Heart Break’s debut , I wanted to wait until our launch to post this sweet little interview with Peggy Wang from TPOBPAH.  I wanted to make this more interesting and enjoyable for you so instead of posting the questions, here are some quotes:

“NY is essential to this band.  We wouldn’t have found each other.  I grew up in New Orleans–we grew up in the subs,  so in a way it comes out in our music.”

“I look back and romanticize.  I was miserable.  The only thing I could be certain of was books and movies.  It’s easy to be alone and jaded–I had awesome friends, a job—back then, all I really liked.  Life was simpler and I am happier.”

“…in the sense we make the kind of music I personally relate to.  I personally related to it at a point in my life.  We started and we thought we leaned to like bands I thought nobody else liked.”

*Photos = @miguelangelji



Monday, March 16th, 2009

3357864264_439b922f50Saturday night was filled with excitement as cars rolled up to the valet at the lovely Los Angeles Theatre.  People from all over LA showed up to see some of this season’s lavishly put together creations.  Jeremy Scott was spotted among the attending designers.   The YHFB presentation lit the show up with street-scene looks.  Cody Kennedy was our host for the night.  Carney played their tunes on stage. Here are the highlights from the night.


3357067935_33fc8453d11Young Hollywood Red CarpetMichelle Corona & Friends3357050551_baa76e065eAnalyssa and Valerie from Valou DesignYHFB CrewUNIF1UNIF23357421261_6d519d0b53CarneyCody Kennedy and Miguel Angel WalkCody KennedyAJ English for UNIFUNIF Analyssa & Michelle

photo cred: lenore m.